Beaches of Cartagena, La Fantástica…

Due to its location on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, the city is surrounded by beaches with their own charm so that each tourist can decide in which area they want to be close to the sea. In all these beaches you can usually rent tents or chairs and there are restaurants or vendors selling all kinds of food: raspado, mango, fried fish, etc.

  • Playa De Bocagrande: One of the busiest beaches in the city. It is located in the neighborhood that bears the same name, which is characterized by its skyscrapers and its boardwalk. A few minutes from the historic center.
  • Playa of Marbella: It is a strip of coast that extends on the so-called Santander avenue located between the airport and the city center. It is normally visited by locals and in this area there are giant letters with the name of the city.
  • Playas De La Boquilla: Located east of the historic center of Cartagena. Not as crowded as others in the city, a quiet dark sand beach.
  • Playa Blanca: This beach is not located exactly in Cartagena but on the island of Barú, about 75 minutes by car or 35 minutes by speedboat from the Bodeguita pier in Cartagena. Baru Island is one of the Rosario Islands in Colombia. It is a beach desired by tourists for its white sand and the blue color of the sea.
  • Playa de Manzanillo del Mar: These beaches are a little far from the urban area of ​​the city, about 35 minutes by car, this makes them relatively uncrowded and a quiet space to enjoy the sea.
  • Tierra Bomba: Tierra Bomba is an island located south of the urban area of ​​Cartagena and north of the Island of Barú. This island is characterized by its calm white sand beaches and blue waters, in addition to the historical and natural riches it possesses. It is located a few minutes by sea by boat from the La Bodeguita pier or you can also go by private boat from the marinas or private docks in the city.
  • Cholón Island: It is located in Barú, a few meters from it is the largest barrier reef in Colombia. To get there, you must take a yacht or boat at the Bodeguita Pier and the journey takes approximately one hour. In general, excursions to this island are made leaving early in the morning and returning to the city in the afternoon.